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Tom Coffman:

In a world of individuals striving to be an original item, Tu Ming simply is one. Who on earth would spend a week of work time sketching a face with a silver pencil on dark blue paper? Face after face, week after week, month after month, year after year? The result.... 




Lee Brown:

Ming is an exceptional and extraordinarily talented artist. He is... (more)

...captures with silver pencil depths of expression that rival the likes of Rembrandt and da Vinci.


Angela E. Oh:

When I first met Ming, he was introduced as "Tu-2." I wasn't quite sure what to make of that name... (more)

Over time, I had the chance to know Ying Ming Tu intimately because our lives intersected in a most unusual way...


Scott Alberts:

He threw himself into his drawing, exclaiming out loud in appreciation for the model's poses, and drew with such passion that I decided to...  (more)

...the more invisible a technique, the more difficult it is to actually accomplish. Drawing like this is...



Bob Nakata:

...I was amazed at Ming's portrait of me. It revealed...(more)

My self image has been of a quiet and somewhat aloof personality whom few would be inspired to follow. I now understand why people have wanted me to step forward as a leader, why they want me to lead...



Gordon Greene:

I saw myself dead for the first time. As a Zen priest...(more)

...the sensation was unmistakable - that is me dead. And it made me so happy, and still does to this day. (more)... It is no coincidence that the subject of my talk that night was death, using my experience as...


Russell Leong:

Each face has its own blue mind
Blue, when you sing the blues
Mindful, when you travel
To the other side of the Earth
Alone.   (more...)



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