Portrait of the Dalai Lama by Ying Ming Tu (Tu Ying-ming), known as Tu-2.  

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 Tu-2's iconic, monumental four-sectioned portrait of the Dalai Lama, an earlier work,  fairly vibrates with emotions  it's electrically charged with compassion, radiant with love, hypnotic with serenity.   The artist's painful journey from a tortured period to his hard-won, transcendent transformation is etched in every line, and all this is communicated directly into the viewer's higher emotional center by some powerful magic... You feel it with all of you, all at once.  Infused with wisdom, compassion, humor and timelessness, like the Dalai Lama himself, the conscious art behind the "simple" silver lines illuminating the subject's inner qualities on a midnight sky-dark background is like a punch in the gut... it galvanizes you into the moment and changes your breathing.

1991 - Silver Pencil on Prussian Blue Paper - 4 panels


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